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Ever wanted to just wow your visitors? You may have not been aware of this, but it’s possible to implement 3D on the web! With Verge3D you can implement interactive 3D presentations for your website visitors or mobile app users. Verge3D is predominantly used for the web, and with this technology, you can create rich interactive 3D presentations providing a wealth of information, interactive 3D e-commerce websites with rich media, 3D product configurators with annotations, designing engaging interactive e-learning material, the list goes on.

3D Interactive Web Design for Websites and Mobile Apps

I am a freelance Verge3D developer in Ottawa and can create 3D interactive web design for websites and mobile apps. We create interactive 3D models for the web, typically purchased either on Turbo Squid, or meticulously modelling them in Cinema 4D. We use Verge3D for Blender and also use Cinema 4D to create the 3D models.

"Verge3D can create interactive 3D presentations for your website visitors, or mobile app users."

How We Make 3D Interactive Websites

So how do you make a 3D interactive website? You find set up your scene in either Blender, 3DS Max, or Maya, and a have a 3D model ready to present. Then you start making your scene and work with the Verge3D app manager. You can also use WebFlow to create the user interface for your app and combine everything together to present a final web application in the end. We offer Verge3D development in Ottawa where we can create interactive 3D web content.

Verge3D with WordPress and WooCommerce

Combined with the popular content management system, WordPress, it’s possible to create 3D interactive web design with annotations and 3D e-commerce websites with Verge3D and Blender. This is achieved by combining Verge3D with WooCommerce using the first party Verge3D plugin for WordPress created by Soft8Soft. Combined with the open source 3D modelling and animation program Blender, Verge3D acts as an extension of Blender to transform your 3D models to a WebGL compatible format with JavaScript. The result is that you can see your 3D model on the browser. What is more, since the 3D model uses JavaScript and WebGL to render, you can create an accompanying interface to go with it, that can interact with the 3D model. There are numerous examples of how this is implemented on Verge3D’s website and YouTube channel.

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With this powerful piece of software, the sky is the limit as to what interactive 3D presentation you can create on websites and mobile apps. Please contact us for more details.

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What Clients Have Said

"When we wanted to create our first commercial website for Distinctive Audio, it seemed like a daunting project –we just didn't know what was involved or how to get started. Sebastian was a pleasure to work with; his creative design ideas, combined with his impressive technical skills and attention to detail, resulted in a website that surpassed our expectations in its features, appearance and functionality. He had both the confidence and the know-how to get the results we were looking for."

Brian Qureshi
High-End Audio Expert
Distinctive Audio

"His valuable knowledge of the latest programs used to develop this type of marketing tool was impressive and he consistently presented innovative ways to convey various ideas. Sebastian understands the importance of how images are used to convey an idea and presented a final product that exceeded my expectations."

Diane Banks
Faculty Marketing Specialist, Arts, Media And Design
Algonquin College

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